Islamic Fashion Part 2- Background

Since I didn’t know anything about the topic, I figure it’s best to read up on its history.  As the name clearly states it, the clothing has all to do with the Islamic religion and the Muslim tradition- not the location, not the nationality or race
According to the Muslim tradition, “the honor of the family resides in the conduct of its women.”  “Honor depends on a woman remaining chaste; should she be violated in any way, the men of the family risk being seen as weak and perhaps even being ostracized. Thus, in order to be respected by men, and protected from them, in public a woman should not flout her looks.”  
Based on their Qu’ranic principle, women are to “dress modestly in public.”; that is the key.  How you define modestly varies from one region to the other.  But all in all, Muslim women cover all parts of the body except face and hands.  And for public, they mean in the eyes of not only men who are not the woman’s father or brothers, but also in the eyes of women who are not Muslims.  According to this, Muslim women must dress modestly whether they appear in front of men or non-Muslim women.  An interesting point indeed.
We have seen pictures of Muslim women in dark veils.  Most Muslim women today do not wear a full face veil, but wear a scarf called hijab around the head and under the chin.  There are several styles and reasons for wearing hijabs- some for religious purpose, but also as traditional clothing.
In the old days, wearing veils is only for royal family, and the rich.  Peasants, slaves and prostitutes are not allowed to wear veils.  In fact, they would be slashed if disobeyed.  So, actually veil wearing was a status symbol only for the rich and powerful. “For a woman to assume a protective veil and stay primarily within the house was a sign that her family had the means to enable her to do so.”
Later on when there was pressure for their community to adapt to the Western way of life, there was a pressure for the women to leave their veil and hijab behind for the modern clothing.  A number of Muslim women resist for various reasons: political reasons (you cannot make me abandon my veils if I don’t want to), the sudden banning of veils frightened some, a move against the evil of the West, etc.  As a compromise, hijab has been adopted by many as a middle grown.  Women can still move around outside their home wearing hijab and still fulfil their traditional/ religious requirements.
To make the matter even more complicated, the lower middle classes around the world tend to be defended in the face of change.  A number of rural women in Indonesia and the Philippines resist and feel threatened.  “Muslim women began to dress more conservatively as a way to assert who they were.”  Some took “part in veiled and silent demonstrations, or could even hide weapons under long robes.”  Modernization was seen as negative by many.  “Wearing hijab came to symbolize not the inferiority of the culture in comparison to western ways, but its uniqueness and superiority.”
Today there is a trend to revive and create Islamic movements.  Women continue to take up hijab as the modest covering.
The Islamic code of dress is observed both for men and women. As women are not to show any body parts except face and hands, the indecent part for men to show in public include the body from the navel to the knee.  So, designing men shorts for Muslim is not a good idea.
Women are not to wear any clothes made of thin and/ see-through fabric, or the light can go through.  Even hair net is prohibited.  Both men and women are not allowed any body-hugging clothes or show contours of the body.  Only loose-hanging clothes are allowed.  No spandex please.
For men, gold or silk  is not allowed either, as they are feminine in nature.  Again, silk shirt for men with gold trimming is out.
Enough as the background, next time we’ll get into the demand.  You’d be so impressed with the size and market potential.  Stay tuned.

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The Muslim Fashion Steps to being a stylish muslim lady

Muslim fashion

hi jab fashion
the Muslim fashion
There are plenty of Muslim women out there that are trendy yet reveal no skin and stay true to the religion. Find a stylish vintage blazer and wear it on top; if it is hot out then wear a summer cardigan over the top. When it comes to choosing tops think long, stylish and loose fitted fancy tops. If the top is long enough, one can wear skinny jeans or tights and if the shirt is short, boyfriend jeans would be more appropriate. Other ideas would be to buy a vintage high waisted long skirt with a nice button up shirt tucked in. These clothes can be found in shops such as H&M, Zara and Forever 21.

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Moslem Clothing, Successfully Penetrate Australian Market

Muslim fashion clothing is no longer "weird" is underestimated in the West. Now, the outfit entered the ranks of haute couture class dunia. Di Sydney, Australia, Muslim women's boutique to be opened at Mall Centro Bankstown. By its founder, this boutique is intended to meet the demands of Muslim fashionista clothing needs are up to date.Hijab House, the boutique's name, was born from the idea of ​​Pull Houchar. The Australian reported, this boutique presents fashion of modern Muslim religion but still appropriate guidance.

Houchar, 21 years, the media is saying, in part inspiration for the store came after seeing her aunt took pains to go to fabric shops in Cabramatta, the area in which many Muslim women in Sydney go to buy materials to make a hijab. "I hate Cabramatta hijab," said Houchar. "You have to climb over piles of fabric and fight with people to get the clothing material."

At the store Houchar, customers will choose the design of the dress fabric of silk or other types. Designers in the boutique that will choose the appropriate model. Or if you do not have an idea, they can choose Moslem was ready to use. Houchar also prepared which will assist mempernamis stylish appearance with menatakan scarf or makeup.

Houda Afyouni, one customer Ferretti boutique, said young Muslims in Australia live in a period in which Muslim women are placed in a difficult position and alienated. "What do Nicole is helping change the way Muslim women dress without compromising their values​​."

Islamic Hijab during Islamic Fashion

hi jab fashion

Muslim fashionIslamic Hi jab during Islamic Fashion

Muslim Hujab fashion

Muslim fashion

hijsb fashion Sign in Parliament I Wear Hijab Danish Muslims hope that the debate over Muslim women wear the hijab, according syar'i-political attitudes do not lead to a ban on the hijab. Hope that after the Danish Unity Party Enforcement stated his intention to open the door for Danish politicians who wear hijab, Asma 'Abdul Hamid, to enter the Danish parliament as a substitute member of parliament (Change Inter-Left). Asma 'Abdul Majid commented pernytaan Danish National Party, a minority party that carries the issue of banning the hijab: "I am not afraid, that the debate over the hijab will enter the official political territory, with the lead ban on hijab in Denmark. Because this issue involves respect for personal freedom. And this is expressed by the Prime Minister of Denmark itself. He expressed...


Muslim clothing today is made, according to taste, good design is not lost like other free clothes and do not also lose pretty like other women. One must appreciate the efforts of Muslim women and girls who, despite so many obstacles that come in and help a beautiful way many Muslims to spread all over the world. Muslim fashion clothing is an art that comes and spreads very quickly because most people like to wear cloth. Now more and more Muslim women and girls who come and make their career in the fashion industry.
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